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Price guide

Check out our lesson and event prices, see our timetable for confirmation of exact times, and then give us a call on 01825 872198 to book your riding lessons or hack.

Lesson prices

Private lesson
50 minutes
£35 weekdays

Shared lesson (up to 3 people)
50 minutes
£30 weekdays

Group lesson
Group lesson (up to 6 people)
Group lesson (up to 6 people)
45 minutes
45 minutes
45 minutes
£25 Saturday’s only
£25 weekdays
£25 Saturdays/after school

£5 OFF for siblings that ride weekly



Hacks shared
Hacks woods (Tiny tots)
Tiny tots private
Tiny tots shared
1 hour
1 hour
45 mins
1 hour
40 mins
£35 weekdays
£30 each up to 6 people
£25 each up to 5 children
each 2 children


Pony days

Pony day
Full day
£50 holidays Tues & Thurs £45 for siblings


Full loan
Three days per week


Hats and boots are available, however we do recommend that regular riders purchase a professionally fitted hat, we can provide body protectors subject to availability.

Full fees are payable without exception, unless the relevant notice is given to terminate the lesson. Cancellation should be via telephone, text or in person. Please note we do not accept cancellations by email. All bookings require a minimum of 3 clear days notice from the booking day to cancel, for example if your lesson is on Saturday cancellation must be on the preceding Tuesday.

Please read our terms and conditions for further information.